Engaged Execution drives results. Re-engage the disengaged.

What we do

Who is Engage? What’s our speciality? Training? Consultant? Coach? As per our belief system, the number one motivation for any leader and team is winning, consistently. In an organisation, the leader is the operating system and the people are the processor. These two need to be coupled together – work in harmony as a lockset mechanism. 

This is what we do – bridge the gap between the operating system and the processor. We are your partner in training for organisational development.


Establish & align goals
Our strength is NOT limited to leaders alone, rather personal and interpersonal effectiveness development in relationships across the board in an organisation.
interpersonal effectiveness - corporate leadership training

Beyond that we coach leaders to improve

Team supervision




Regardless of industrial age or knowledge age, there is always a friction between leaders and their respective team members. Leaders often feel that their subordinates don’t know what matters most for the company and team, whereas the latter feel that the leader is not giving the guidance on how to focus and execute.

This friction is what we call the Execution Gap, which may pave towards emotional gap that ultimately affect the Engagement, Productivity and Retention in an organisation.

Engagement, Productivity and Retention issues can inflate the OPEX and other behavioural taxes of an organisation if not treated due diligently. The solution is not a team building exercise but a methodology that bridges the leader and the team to create Culture of Focused Execution® (CFE).

Simplicity, Visibility and Accountability are essential! We train and coach leaders and teams to re-engage and execute their goals and key results flawlessly.

coach leaders and teams to re-engage


Clarify the job to be done.
Pre consult the stakeholders.
Establish the end results.
Deliver the work session.
Post work session implementation coaching and support.
Business results review on weekly, monthly and quarterly.
Coach for sustainability and knowledge transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, based on the scope and the results client is targeting.

Yes, that’s our strength. Individual and group coaching

Yes, we either start from C suite or from bottom to top.

Yes, we outline the specific ROI client is envisioning right from “design” phase. So client is fully aware/informed how to measure ROI.

Yes, that’s how our methodology works. To create independency.