About Us

Execution Excellence is not just a leadership competency. Key Results Execution is everything that changes the motivation, behaviour and culture of an organisation.

About Us

We are a training, coaching and consultancy firm in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, specialised in the field of leadership and organisational culture development.

One of the chronic key challenges for most leaders is building an enduring system, process and culture to help their teams in executing their key goals year on year.

“Execution Excellence” is not an optional competency for leaders and teams. To inculcate Execution Excellence competency in leaders and teams what is imperatively needed is not mere leadership training but a learnable, hard edge – clinically proven methodology that they can learn, adopt and systematize to deliver short as well as long-term results.

ENGAGE’s unique approach to “Execution Excellence for Leaders and Teams” training includes live facilitation, coaching with subject matter experts and application reviews for long term results.

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About Blaze Performance

ENGAGE is the exclusive licensee for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei for BLAZE PERFORMANCE, headquartered Knoxville, Tennessee USA.

With a combined 50+ years of consulting and executive leadership, we are passionate about helping our clients create real behavior change that leads to increased performance. We’ve seen all the quick fixes and stopgap measures that get used for short term results. We want to help your entire organization succeed through the success of teams who are individually winning on a daily basis.

Execution Excellence - Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform organisations, leaders and their teams in the field of key results execution through proven methodology that changes the mindset, skillset and toolset albeit magnifies execution excellence in them!

Building Leaders - Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a strategic and trusted partner for organisations to build their leaders and teams to be bold and audacious in crafting goals that matter most for the organisation and assist them attain those goals strategically with a clear line of alignment.

Accountability - Speed - Core Values

Our Core Values

Our core values are
Simplicity and

Best Leadership Training - Consultancy -coached and consulted leaders from various industries

Our Team

Our consultants (local and international) have a span of over 20 years of experiences in the field of organisational development. Our consultants hardly do off the shelf training, their forte is consult – design – deliver training that goes in as a blended solution, and they don’t just stop at delivery, they tag along with the leaders and teams with their application via hand holding and transfer the knowledge and skills.

They have trained, coached and consulted leaders from various industries and sectors ranging from Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Oil & Gas, Brewery, Pharmaceutical, Independent Power Producers (IPP), Shared Services, BPO and government bodies. Area of specializations are Administration, Governance, Sales Productivity, Engagement, Productivity and Accountability.

Industries We Serve

Industries we serve